It’s well known that MOCA is used to inject your home network or translator network into the cable line without having to deal with the health risks that came with high-powered antenna operations and is legally approved by the FCC’s new operation regulations which don’t need licenses at all but many operators like us do have licenses anyway just for security and legal concerns that come with Virtual Channels that Spectrum Customers will see quite often when a translator uses MOCA to transmit their station.

MOCA is not well known for its ability to stop lightning strikes but it’s a mitigation method which today’s severe storms caused our internet antenna to have a direct lightning strike. What makes it rare is our internet antenna for internet is in the attic not outdoors like it’s supposed to be. But MOCA stopped the direct lightning strike in real time. Upon inspection no damage was found and equipment is working as it normally does every day.

MOCA allowed us to ground our cable system and also to ground our antenna system which during our house build the engineers tied the systems together. If it wasn’t for MOCA our TV sets would have been fried by the direct lightning strikes. What makes this even more rare is that our station never went off the air.

The statement was brought up that if the TV sets were fried, we wouldn’t have an antenna in the attic. However, that wouldn’t have stopped the event from happening. Further inspection showed the strike actually happened to a loose outlet in the electrical room in our house. This loose outlet was done by spectrum and their technician which addressed the internet and phone blackouts we had but did it did leave us with no grounding but MOCA was our grounding source.

Without MOCA it would have been much worse and the engineers who built our house had 3 way miscommunication when building. My parents and I talked with the engineers which lead to the confusion about the Antenna and Cable System being tied together. This massive headache was solved by following Jeff’s recommendation regarding safety and resolving cable TV interference which involved me purchasing of a MOCA filter on each of the TV sets hooked up to the cable TV boxes which prevents MOCA from interfering / overlapping with Spectrum’s Digital signal.

That MOCA filter connected to the cable boxes helped so much when combined with the MOCA kit that no damage was found during this mornings inspection.