National EAS Test 2019

Live Streaming

The August 7th 2019 Results of the National EAS Test for 2019

The August 7th 2019 National Test took a turn for the worst for broadcasters but it went even worse for those like me who are dealing with experimental technology like the BCI.

Unlike previous years

The FCC took time to implement emergency response action for those like me went into an endless loop vocally because of the BCI misunderstood the tones as a critical issue with the device and not a national EAS test.

(The BCI is well known to engage in audio recording at random times of the day and recording you hear wasn't normally available on the public air space but your standard SDR kit can pickup the BCI easily which is why Kiki was able to do what she was able to do and resolve the issue)

CBS Net Alert Bulletin

We Practiced Before the Real Practice